The art of Matt Lombard is a gateway to a world that is seen through the eyes of the insane. It brings us closer to a parallel universe that looks surreal and far away, but feels too close to make us comfortable.

His work is intense, painful and visionary. We see mutilated bodies – legs are missing, dead faces are covered, hiding long tales of agony. Vaginas are bleeding, holes are drilled into skulls. Humans are devoured by something that looks like a hungry garden. We are confronted with mutations, demons, blood. What we are not confronted with are eyes – for the most part, they are simply not there. Maybe this is a good thing. Otherwise we would have to stare at death and risk, that we see ourselves in them.

The bodies remain quiet but their injuries scream loud at us. Most of the portrayed victims look trapped in a scenario that reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Temple of Power. A realm in which the predator has total control over anything and puts a lot of effort into prolonging the misery and suffering of the souls he has captured in our world. They rot in damnation and we are forced to watch them, as helpless as they are.

Matt Lombard describes best, how desperately urgent atonement is for us. It seems unlikely though. While we see dark skies, wide horizons and fire burning someone alive, we certainly can’t find hope. It would have no place in hell anyways.

- Vasily Konstantin NYC 2007

Clients and collaborations: Nihil, Murder Mile Studio’s, Cradle of Filth, Michael Ninn, Vasily Konstantin, Attrition, Roadrunner Records, Bile, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Veneficum, Weston Ochse, Listenable Records, Two Ton Anvil, Nocturne, Delirium Books, Centaurus, J.F. Gonzalez, Charles Levi, Voiceprint, David Whitman, Aesma Daeva, Michael Laimo, Michelle Margaux, Scott and Jeffrey Thomas, Catalyst Press, Ayesha Johnson, Dark Spectrum, Brian Knight, and Patrick Lestewka.